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Types of Orthotics

The type of orthotic required depends on

  • Type of footwear worn

  • Foot problem and control needed

  • Age

  • Sporting activity

Custom made Orthotics or Ready Made Orthotics?

Custom made orthotics are specifically made for you and your foot problem, whereas ready made orthotics (also known as over the counter orthotics) are available to buy with standard rearfoot and arch control. Ready made orthotics are less expensive than custom made orthotics however they might not give you the control and comfort you need to sort your problem out. It really depends on the individual person and also how much you want to spend. Further information on ready made Vasyli and Orthaheel insoles and ready made Superfeet insoles

Type of footwear worn

The type of shoe worn determines to some extent the type of orthotic. For instance narrower finer shoes require smaller more delicate orthotics than clumpy workboots. Orthotics can be made with varying lengths of topcover. Full length topcovers take up significantly more room in a shoe than 3/4 length topcovers but offer significantly more shock absorption.

Foot Problem and control needed

Some foot problems require more biomechanical control and adaptions to help relieve pain and discomfort.


Older or diabetic feet can often only tolerate mild to moderate biomechanical control but need superior shock absorption. Some correction is therefore sacrificed for increased comfort and cushioning.

Sporting Activity

Different sporting activities require different types of orthotics because of shoe type worn and activity undertaken. Usually a thicker topcover is required for general sports to maximise shock absorption.

Examples of Custom Orthotics for Sport
Sportsflex Orthotics for Sports Shoes and Trainers

Orthotics for sport shoes with full length top cover . Also available in 3/4 length and sulcus length top cover. Also useful for work boots.

Designed to prevent sport or workplace related injuries by protecting against pressure and impact shock.

Skiflex Orthotics for Ski Boots

Narrow orthotics for ski boots and skates

Eagleflex Orthotics for Golf Shoes

Orthotics for golf shoes with full length topcover. For golfers who require comfort and support while walking on the golf course.

Runflex Orthotics for Running Shoes

Orthotics for running shoes and tennis shoes

To help runners and court players. Designed to increase shock absorption, take pressure off the Achilles tendon and promote greater ankle dorsiflexion.

Examples of different types of Custom Orthotics
Superflex Orthotics for Everyday Shoes

Orthotics for everyday regular shoes with full length topcover. Available with sulcus length or 3/4 length top cover.

Dressflex Orthotics for narrower shoes

Orthotics for slip-on or narrow cut dress shoes, sulcus length top cover

Fashionflex Orthotics for Fashion Shoes

Orthotics for fashion shoes which have a moderately high heel. Also for dance shoes.

Cushionflex Orthotics for Older Patients

Orthotics for older patients, diabetic feet, and arthritic patients who need extra cushioning. Orthotics for casual lace up and walking shoes.

Diabeticflex Orthotics for Patients with Diabetes and Sensitive Feet

Diabetic Orthotics
Orthotics for patients with diabetes and very sensitive feet

Kidsflex Orthotics for Young Children

Orthotics for your children for sport and casual shoes. A deep heel cup is used to accommodate the larger fat pad found on the heel of young children

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Custom Orthotics
Orthotics for Running
Orthotics for running
Orthotics for running: to help control excessive pronation. Custom made orthotics for road running, cross country running, jogging and treadmill running. Biomechanical examination and computerised gait analysis is available to determine your problem and the type of orthotic you need.
Orthotics for Everyday
Superflex Orthotics - Orthotics for Everyday Use
Custom made orthotics for everyday use.
Orthotics for Skiing
Skiflex Orthotics - Orthotics for Skiing and Skiboots
Custom made orthotics for skiing.

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