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Recommended Ready Made Orthotics
Also called: over the counter orthotics and insoles


Superfeet Insoles

Superfeet insoles and orthotics will help your arch pain, fallen arches, flat feet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, pronation, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and tired and aching feet. Insoles and orthotics will help make your feet more comfortable.

Further information about Superfeet insoles

I stock a range of Superfeet orthotics in my clinic


Northwest Premium Orthotics

I stock a range of Northwest premium orthotics in my clinic

Northwest orthotics
Northwest premium orthotics


Scholl Orthaheel orthotics

A range of basic orthotics to help foot pain, and may also help provide for relief knee pain, aching legs and ower back pain.

Scholl Orthaheel orthotics come in a range of sizes and shapes: regular, sport and slimfit.

Scholl Orthaheel orthotics

I do not stock Scholl Orthaheel orthotics in my clinic




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Superfeet Insoles
Superfeet insoles
Superfeet 3/4 insoles for men

Superfeet black
Superfeet Black Everyday Insoles
Orthaheel Sport
Scholl Orthaheel Sport
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