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Gel Foot Care Products


Gel Bunion Cover

The Gel Bunion Guard or Cover is a fantastic product and helps protect painful bunions from pressure and/or friction. The gel bunion guard fits comfortably over the big toe.

It is made from very soft pure medical grade mineral oil gel. It is thin enough to fit into a shoe even where space is limited. It is washable and can be re-used.


Gel Toe Covers

Gel Toe Covers are an excellent product. They are stretchy and protect the toes extremely well from friction and pressure from shoes. They have a soft gel on the inside of the sleeve which creates a protective cushion between your toe and your shoes.

Select the medium size for the little toes and the large size for the big toe.

Washable and reusable.

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Gel Bunion Guard
Gel bunion shield
Gel bunion guard

Gel Toe Cover
Gel toe cover

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