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Shoe Lacing for Problem Feet


You don't need to leave shoe laces tied the way the shop laced them for you. There are lots of different ways of tying a shoe lace. Altering the lacing pattern can make a big difference to how a shoe feels.

Heel Slippage

If you have heel slippage use a lock loop at the last eyelet hole. This will help to stop the heel rubbing.

I have used white laces with black shoes so that you can see the lacing more clearly
Shoe lacing - heel slippage
Lace the shoe until one eyelet is left on each side, then lace on the same side from above to underneath the eyelet hole
Shoe lacing - heel slippage
Here is the above step from a side view
Shoe lacing - heel slippage
Cross the end of the lace over to the other side and feed through the loop
Shoe lacing - heel slippage
Tie into a bow as normal. You will find you can tighten the top around the ankle without it pulling the rest of the lace tight.

See my blog for more shoe lacing tips.



Note: You might need to try a different approach to your shoe lace problem than that listed above.



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Lock Laces - an option if you want a quick solution when running or if you find tying shoe laces difficult.

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