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Recommended Shoes
Recommended Comfort Shoes


The following are a selection of shoes I recommend to patients as a Chiropodist and Podiatrist. Obviously different types of shoes suit different people but the following suggestions are a guide for you.


Recommended Shoes

Recommended Shoe Who For?



Ecco Shoes, boots and sandals are for ordinary people, young and old, who care about comfort. Some Ecco shoes are very fashionable yet are still comfortable, and some Ecco shoes are stylish within what I would call an easyfit comfort range.

Hotter Shoes and Boots


Hotter - fashionable comfort shoes and boots for men and women.

Ugg Boots


Ugg Boots will keep your feet wonderfully warm in the winter. Most people could do with extra support inside the Ugg Boot so wear an orthotic (arch support) inside them to stop your feet slopping around - especially the Classic Ugg Boots

DB Shoes


The EasyB range of DB Shoes are excellent for ladies (and men) who have very wide or swollen feet who need anything from an EE fitting to EEEEEE (6E) fitting.

Several of my older patients wear these shoes and they find them extremely comfortable.



Cosyfeet shoes and slippers are for people who have excessively swollen feet. Extra roomy footwear. Great for the elderly.



Merrell shoes, boots, trainers and walking sandals are for active and outdoor people. Good arch support. Excellent product.



Some Crocs can be a little clumpy to look at but they are loved by the vast majority of people who wear them.

Many different styles are available to suit a range of people - from diabetics to people with painful and sensitive feet, people with cold feet and those who just want comfort.



FitFlop sandals, boots and trainers are great for all ages and are extremely comfortable. Wear them out and about or at home during the day. At first FitFlops were only available as toe post sandals but those days have long gone, and they are now available as slip ons, buckled varieties, lace ups, ankle boots, clogs and much more.



Birkenstock are great for beach wear and have excellent arch support. They are good for walking as they will significantly support your foot.

Large Sizes


If you have very large feet a good choice of shoes in large sizes is very important.

For men: sizes 12 to 16 - Merrell, Birkenstock, Crocs and Reebok, Adidas. Also workboots and safety boots

For women: sizes 8-11

Small Sizes Look here for Sizes 1-3
Golf Shoes See here for Golf Shoe recommendations
Wellingtons Click here to see my recommendations for wellingtons


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