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Recommended Socks and Tights


If you have reduced circulation in your legs and feet or just suffer generally from cold feet it is essential to wear high denier tights or knee highs (40 or 50 denier) to help keep your feet warm in the winter.

Thin 15 denier stockings and tights are generally not suitable in winter for people with poor circulation or the elderly.

Teko Socks for Active Outdoor Feet

I highly recommend Teko socks for hiking and general outdoor use. They are extremely comfortable and will keep your feet blister free.


Cosyfeet for Mature Feet

Cosyfeet sell many different types of socks including socks for diabetics and those with sensitive feet, travel socks, bed socks, support socks, comfort socks and socks that are seam free, extra roomy and cushioned underneath.

Cosyfeet also sell many different types of tights, stockings and knee highs. They have a huge selection.

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