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Crocs might at first glance appear a little strange but they are absolutely loved by the vast majority of people who wear them because they are so comfortable. And contrary to popular belief do not always come in lime green and bubblegum pink.

There are a huge number of different styles and colours to suit all types of feet - "normal" feet, diabetic feet, highly sensitive feet, painful feet, cold feet. Crocs are comfortable, have reasonable arch support and are good for plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain and policeman's heel. Lots of my patients have found great relief from wearing Crocs.

Fashion shoes for general use, sandals for summer, slippers for the house, trainers for walking, boots for sloshing through mud and washing the car, and furry ones for the winter to keep your feet warm.

If you are normally one size or another then go for the larger size. Crocs should fit loosely and your foot should fit inside the foot bed and heel area.


Crocs - womens boots
Croc boots for women


Crocs Medical Range - Silver Fox
Diabetic feet, painful feet, sensitive feet

Crocs - medical silver fox
Crocs - medical silver fox
Crocs Medical Range - Silver Fox

The Crocs Medical Silver Fox is a stylish shoe especially designed for diabetic and sensitive feet. It is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, and is odour resistant, comfortable and comes with a shock absorbing sole. Useful for anyone with sensitive feet and especially useful for anyone with impaired circulation, impaired sensation, and those at risk of skin breakdown and ulceration.


Crocs for Work

Croc work shoes are slip-resistant (oil, water, soap) and have a mesh liner to wick moisture away from the feet. Specifically designed for food preparation areas, hospitality and healthcare.


Crocs Large Sizes

Crocs in large sizes (up to size 13 for men) are available in many styles.


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Crocs for men
Crocs for men
Crocs - for men
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Crocs for boys
Crocs for boys
Crocs - for boys
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Crocs for Girls
Crocs for girls
Crocs for girls
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