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Nail Surgery


If a toenail is constantly digging into the skin and you have frequent episodes of infection then permanent removal of a small section of the side of the nail should be considered. A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area.

Ingrowing toenail wedge
Part of the toenail to be removed


When should I consider nail surgery for my ingrown toenail?

You should consider nail surgery if you have frequent episodes of infection and/or you constantly need the side of the nail trimmed away.


Partial or Total Nail Removal?

This will depend on your problem and the condition of the nail. Most patients will only require a small section of the side of the nail removed. This will leave you with a slightly narrower nail which no longer digs into the skin. The cosmetic appearance of the nail is always a consideration and as small a part of the nail as possible will be removed. Occasionally the whole nail will have to be removed. This is sometimes the best course of action if the nail is extremely thick and deformed.

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