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Chiropodist and Podiatrist in Tenterden, Kent
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Local Patient

"Time has totally escaped me and I realised I never did give you a call to let you know how I'm getting along with the new shoe inserts. Well, there has been a definite improvement. My legs do not ache anywhere near as much as they used to, apart from the odd day when I'm on my feet for an absurd amount of time and I haven't done any stretches. My physio has signed me off as the pain in my knees has subsided too so overall I'm very happy with everything. Thank you for helping me out.

A grateful Mother from Kent

Custom made orthotics for a child who had extremely painful feet when I first saw her. She was unable to do any activity or sport at school or with the family in the evening or weekends.

"I came to see you a few months ago with my daughter and am updating you with her progress. The biggest thing is that she is out of pain! She is totally pain free! We invested in a specialist pair of school shoes which, although expensive and not fashionable, they fit perfectly and give her the support she needs with her orthotics. She has a great pair of expensive trainers which also give her the support her foot needs. She can only wear these two pairs of shoes as trying to buy a slip on shoe or canvas pair for the summer have not been successful, but its not forever! She also wears the first insoles we bought from you in her slippers when indoors. She has given up Judo completely as this has to be done in bare feet as she really wants her foot to get better. She does not take part in dance at school as this also has to be done in bare feet. She has resumed all other physical activities at school such as PE and games afternoon and this has made her really happy. She just takes her trainers into school and transfers her orthotics other from her school shoes to her trainers and back again afterwards.

She is doing really well thanks to you. My husband and I are completely astounded that something as simple as an orthotic can help. Thank you very much for seeing my daughter and helping us to understand what was wrong with her foot/feet. We would like you to assess her again in a year's time if that is ok with you?"

JS from mid Kent

Routine Chiropody Treatment - corns and callus removal
My feet are now always so comfortable. It is a joy not to feel my corns any more.

JH from Kent

Custom made Orthotics - to control foot movement and reduce pain
Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my shoe inserts. I've found shoes that they fit in really well and my feet have settled down. No more limping or hobbling and its such a relief!

RM from Kent
Custom made Orthotics - to help heel pain and leg pain
I'm thrilled to say that I now have no heel pain, and best of all, my leg pain is considerably better. I can walk two or three miles without feeling it (haven't tried further yet), and can sit comfortably. I still feel it in bed, but not as badly, and I'm sure things are still changing, and no doubt will be for a time. I have hurt my back a couple of times on the same side, and also figure this could be down to different use of muscles. Thanks again - I'm so glad I made that first appointment with you.


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Sue Ferguson
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