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Birkenstock Sandals
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I highly recommend Birkenstock Sandals.

If you normally wear orthotics

If you normally wear insoles or orthotics in your shoes and want to wear sandals what do you do? It's a bit of a problem isn't it because you can't wear your orthotics in your sandals as they will fall out (unless you stick them in with some form of adhesive).

Solution? Birkenstock sandals are a good option. They have excellent arch support which will help to control any unnecessary foot movement you might have to help stop your foot pain. They are good for general use, walking, and beach wear, and are very comfortable.



Flat Feet

If you have excessively rigid flat feet you might find Birkenstock arch support too high/severe for you, try FitFlops instead. Sit down, take your foot off the ground, look at your arch.

Do you look as though you have an arch when you are sitting down (non-weightbearing) even though you don't have an arch when you are standing up? You should be fine with Birkenstocks.

Flexible flat feet
Flexible flat feet - weightbearing
Flexible flat feet non weightbearing
Flexible flat feet - Non weightbearing, see the arch. This foot type should be fine with Birkenstocks


Do you have excessively rigid flat feet: your feet are flat when weightbearing and non-weightbearing, so your feet look excessively flat when you are sitting down, your arch bones have dropped and are very proud especially on the inside of the arch (you might have to avoid Birkenstocks).


What are Birkenstocks made of

The Birkenstock footbed is made of cork and natural latex and is moulded to the shape of a healthy foot. The footbed is lined with suede which adds to the softness, flexibility and comfort. The moulded heelcups help to stabilise the heels and absorb shock.

The leather, used in the upper part of many of the Birkenstock sandals, is thick yet very supple.

Correct Fit

Your foot should fit inside the edges of the sandal, a few mm at the front and a few mm at the back. Your toes and heel should not touch the rim of the sandals when standing.

The original Birkenstock foot bed is available in two widths, regular and narrow. Birkenstocks are meant to be roomy and they might feel large when you first try them on. They should never be worn too tight.


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