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6 November 2010 - Daily Mail
One in One in three women toppling over because of passion for killer heels
More than three million women have received medical attention because of their high heeled shoes

5 November 2010 - Independent
A good stretch for foot pain
What to do for plantar fasciitis

6 May 2010 - Independent
Podiatry: Life as a foot expert keeps you on your toes
Article by Virginia Matthews
Useful overview of the range of work a podiatrist comes across in a normal day

3 February 2010 - The Times
Save our Soles - why we all need a Podiatrist
An excellent article in The Times that promotes podiatry to the masses.
Article by Chloe Lambert

30 May 2009 - Daily Mail
Why your feet could be giving you back ache - and could cure it
Custom-made insoles worn in shoes to correct your gait (walking style) and support weakness in the foot are created using the latest Gaitscan computer scanning technology. Off-the-shelf orthotics can also help.

21 January 2009 - The Guardian
What Treatments work for Heel Pain

24 October 2008 - The Times
Highs and lows of wearing killer stiletto heels
From Victoria Beckham to Gwyneth Paltrow, super-heels are the latest must-have. But what do they do to your feet?
By Rosie Millard

1 July 2008 - Independent
MBT shoes: do they actually work?
Article by Esther Walker
They claim to tone your body, improve posture and ease back pain.

14 June 2008 - Guardian
Fancy Footwear
By Chris Arnot
Being bunion-free is as important to Clare Mason as it is to her clients - otherwise how would she run all those miles and climb those mountains?

5 June 2008 - Daily Mail
They claim to tone your legs and bottom, but are these summer shoes just a Fitflop?
By Claire Coleman

27 May 2008 - Daily Mail
By Bella Blissett
No Mean Feet Give your Toes the Perfect Pedicure

As summer demands we expose our much-abused feet, we reveal how five of the best podiatrists treat common problems and find out where to go for the perfect pedicure.

24 April 2008 - Daily Mail
These shoes weren't made for walking! Who can wear this summer's 7in-high heels?
By Claire Coleman
Ladies, consign your Crocs to the cupboard, bin your Birkenstocks and unburden yourself of your Uggs.

9 March 2008
Sunday Times

Running Shoes
Edited by Mark Harris
What are the best running shoes for athletes

26 October 2007
The Independent

Best foot forward: Podiatry will keep you on your toes
People often think that a course in podiatry involves three years of learning how to cut little old ladies' toenails - but that couldn't be further from the truth, says Emma Cowley, lecturer in podiatry at the University of Plymouth and adviser to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.

20 August 2007

Care failure traps elderly
By Sophie Borland
Thousands of pensioners are being left housebound and becoming increasingly disabled because of a lack of basic care to help them look after their feet, it was claimed today.

31 July 2007
The Independent

Foot Loose
Cracked skin, blisters, fungal infections - not the sort of things you'd want to parade in public, you'd think.

2 March 2007
Daily Mirror

Happy Feet.. and Hands
They bear our full weight for thousands of paces every day of our life - yet how do we reward our feet? All too often by cramming them into the most painful, restrictive footwear.

28 August 2006
The Independent

Podiatry: A career with body and sole
Podiatrists diagnose and manage lower limb problems, from walking disorders to footballers' metatarsal injuries

26 August 2006
The Times

When kids won't toe the line
Buying shoes for schoolkids is a nightmare, says Michele Kirsch. But there are steps you can take. Your 12-year-old daughter is looking at back- to-school shoes. They are, of course, entirely unsuitable. Those ultra-flat, ballet-type slippers look like they have cardboard soles and will immediately and forcibly collapse the arches of the wearer.

17 June 2006
Seven essentials in buying trainers
We spend more time in our sports shoes than any of the others we own. So be sure to pick the right pair for you, says Sam Murphy

18 August 2005
Daily Mail

Desperate pensioners reach for the razor blades
Older people who need treatment for foot problems are reaching for razor blades to treat themselves because they cannot access NHS care, campaigners claim.

29 March 2005
The Independent

These shoes weren't made for walking
The spring footwear filling the shops may be pretty - but its effects on your feet and posture can be ugly. Alice Fordham offers expert advice before you buy

1 April 2005
The Times

Walk this way
By Michele Kirsch
Sports Injuries can often be caused by poor running and walking techniques

11 September 2003
Daily Mail
How can I treat verrucas?
By Dr Rosemary Leonad
Verrucas are caused by an infection with the wart virus, only instead of ingrowing outwards, as they do on your hands, pressure from walking or footwear means the wart goes inwards.

26 June 2002
Daily Mail
Are you well heeled?
By Michael Batt
Summer is generally a healthy time for feet, with so much more fresh air and freedom from winter shoes and boots. However, many of us could be damaging our feet through our choice of summer shoes.

9 March 2001
Daily Mail

health risks for the well-heeled
By Beezy Marsh and Myranda Mowafi
They cause bunions, corns, knee strain and back ache - but they also make women feel wonderful.

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