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Orthotic Case Study
Flat Feet


Patient Symptoms
Severe stabbing pain in left foot, 1st interphalangeal joint when walking and during passive movement
Severe pain in right foot, lateral side of sub talar joint when walking
Occasional burning pain right foot, 3rd interspace when walking, particularly noticeable when walking barefoot

Clinical Observations
Left Foot Medial Aspect
Left Foot - Medial View
Patient Standing
Flat medial longitudinal arch, alternatively called pes planus, flat foot, fallen arch or foot rolling in.
Internally rotated hallux

Foor Dorsal Anterior
Left Foot - Dorsal View
Patient Standing
Internally rotated hallux
Developing Hallux Valgus
Previously partial nail avulsion medial side of hallux nail - the internal rotation of the hallux encouraged the medial side of the nail to rub against the shoe at propulsion
2nd toe - starting to contract
Right foot medial aspect
Right Foot - Medial View
Patient Standing
Right Foot Dorsal View
Right Foot - Dorsal View
Patient Standing
Tip Toes showing Inversion
Posterior View
Patient standing on toes
Shows heel inversion suggesting the tibialis posterior muscle is functioning. The heel inverts as the tibialis posterior contracts because it is the main invertor of the foot.
Ankle Joint Dorsiflexion
Adequate for normal walking
Orthotics (functional insoles to wear inside shoes) provided to control excessive pronation, change walking and standing, deflect pressure and support the foot.
Patient Orthotics
Custom made orthotics provided to help pain
Functional insoles to improve walking and standing
Biomechanical Examination and Gaitscan
To help determine treatment and orthotic prescription
Bisection Lines Calf and Heel
Bisection Lines marked on heel and calf
Patient standing in Relaxed Calcaneal Stance Position (RCSP) i.e. normal standing position
Prominent left and right medial malleoli
RCSP 5 deg valgus left and right
Gaitscan - Static Weightbearing areas
Gaitscan Static Measurement
Shows high pressure areas in red
Gaitscan - Dynamic 2D Measurement
Gaitscan Dynamic 2D photo
Gaitscan 3D Left Foot
Gaitscan - 3D. left foot
Gaitscan 3D foot
Gaitscan - 3D. right foot
Gaitscan Report and Measurements
Gaitscan Report and Measurements
Gaitscan - Report and Measurements
Follow Up
Pain free at 2 month follow up
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